CANNA WORLD CONGRESS 2019 - Congreso Mundial de Cannabis medicinal, Medellin, Colombia 

Canna Consulting had the honor the be invited to Colombia's biggest international Medicinal Cannabis Congress. Big thanks to the organization! 

Expomedeweed & Canna World Congress 2018 - Canna Consulting, Medellin Colombia

Canna Consulting had the chance to go to Expomeweed 2018 and the first Canna World Congress. Have a look at the expo and their sponsors. If you would like a promo video like this, contact us at:

COPA MEDELLIN 2019 - Medellin, Colombia. Cannabis Cup

Canna Consulting had the honor to be hired to share our experience at COPA MEDELLIN 2019. The cannabis cup of the year in Colombia. It has the most international judges and competitors that the industry in this country has ever seen. We can't wait for next year!

EXPOMEDEWEED 2019 - Cannabis expo - Medellin, Colombia. Canna Consulting 

Canna Consulting had the honor to be invited to Expomedeweed 2019, organized by Henry and Paula. The biggest expo in the colombian cannabis industry. This is our impression of the event! 

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